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About Us

Sydney Skateboards is proud to bring you the hottest Australian Skateboard Brands and the best of the Global Skate Industry.  Whether its Longboarding, Downhill, Sliding, Free Ride, Cruising or Park,  we will have a board for you.

Sydney Skateboards is 100% locally owned & operated.  Growing up shredding the streets,  dropping into the skatebowl and cruising down the beach,  we have always had a skateboard close by.   This love of skateboarding has kept on growing and so we decided launch Sydney Skateboards where our aim is simple - 

1. Bring you the absolute best value skateboards.  Outstanding Quality & Performance - delivered direct to your door for free!

2. Promote the Australian Skateboard Industry & Riders  - 100% behind the local brands developing world class products!

3. Deliver Outsanding Customer Service - We dont just sell skateboards, we ride them so you will get great products 365 days of the year!

Remember to Stay in Touch with us & check back for outstandingly great value skateboards -

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More about us

The best value


Because we deal direct with skateboard manufacturers,  you get the latest skate products for the best value prices.  


Forget the middle man.  You will save every time.  We hold all our own stock and ship directly, so you will be able to get on your new board in next to no time. 

Skater focused


We dont just sell skateboards - we Ride them.   All of our products ar locally rider rated - this means they have been pushed to the limits, road tested, street tested and given a trashing.  


If we sell them you know they are going to be great to ride!

Quality products


If you want outstanding skateboard products that you can count on,  you can be 100% confident that what you get is going to perform.  


All our Pro Skateboards are hand finished  and QA tested for your shredding pleasure!

Promoting Australian Skateboarding


Australia is a Nation of Skateboarders & we are proud to support the local Skate industry.  


If you think there is an Australian Brand we need to know about, tell us & we will give them the publicity they deserve.

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